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Why do people have smoking fetish?

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  1. It’s because back in the day, for example in the 1920’s, smoking, especially women smoking, was a sign of emancipation, freedom, open-mindedness, and all those things were sexy. A woman who smoked could easily be imagined doing some nasty things between the sheets, because she was obviously a misfit. I believe a great deal of that allure stuck to the present, even though we know that there’s absolutely nothing sexy about having lung cancer or high blood pressure or asthma, and so on. Oh, and Freud says that men love women who smoke because once, when they were very young, they “believed” their mother also had a penis and were highly disappointed to realize she didn’t, and the cigarette, as an obvious phallus (penis) symbol is a way to cope with that trauma.

    Clayton - Jan 26, 2017 | Reply

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