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What does a real food fetish look like

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  1. If by “real” you mean opposite of people just really liking fine food and cuisine and snapping insta pictures of them, well, it’s definitely a thing, a sexual thing, the food fetish. People use different kinds of food in sex, from pretty vanilla stuff like whipped cream on breasts, honey and strawberries and that sort of thing, to stuffing food (fruits and veggies mostly) in their vagina and anus, or force-feeding play, and there’s this thing called “sploshing” where people smash or squeeze or rub food all over themselves or their partner or cover themselves completely, or, in BDSM, forcing someone to eat off the floor or whipping or caning them with food, and so on. Food play comes in many different forms.

    Fitzgerald - Feb 20, 2017 | Reply

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