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How to tell my wife i have a cuckold fetish?

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I am really, really into farting, sexually. I just want her to fart straight into my face right before I cum. What can I do…Some guys like whipping women, some like to gag them, I think my fetish is actually pretty harmless. But I have no idea how to break it to the Mrs. She’s not a prude or anything and we do a bunch of fun stuff in bed, it’s just that I’m terrified she’ll think I’m gross and won’t have sex with me ever again. Any tips?

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  1. Well, if you already have a pretty good sex life, that probably means you have a good relationship with plenty of understanding between you, because you can’t have good sex without a solid bond of trust and understanding. What I’m saying, there’s a pretty good chance your wife won’t be grossed out by your fetish. If you explain it to her very carefully and tactfully, I’m sure she will understand. And who knows, she might have a weird fetish of her own that she’s been hiding from you all these years as well. I think you should just be honest and straightforward and also make sure to let her know that you are not forcing her to do anything, you are not even asking her to do it, just to consider.. Basically you’re just putting it out there. Good luck!

    Anne - Jan 12, 2017 | Reply

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