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How safe is it for women to engage in rape fetish?

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  1. Rape fantasy/rape fetish/rape play is very common in BDSM community, especially in D/s (Dom/sub) relationships. In fact, it is one of the most common fetishes for women. As for the safety, I understand what might be your concern. Sure, under certain circumstances, there are some risks involved with this fetish. For example, you may not know your Dom or your partner in the scene very well and he/she may not know your limits, meaning they can be crossed easily, and the fantasy may turn into a horrendous experience that comes dangerously close to sexual assault. However, this fantasy/fetish can actually be played out very well as long as the main principles of BDSM are respected: SAFE, SANE and CONSENTUAL. Always make sure everyone involved is clear on what the safeword is and always state your HARD and SOFT LIMITS very clearly. This, combined with good understanding between everyone involved, basically ensures a very pleasurable experience with this fetish.

    Lilith - Feb 06, 2017 | Reply

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