Fetish Questions and Answers

Fetish Q&A is dedicated to exploring all types of fetishes in a cozy environment where everyone is welcome. If you are just looking for a definition of fetish, want to understand the thrill behind spanking fetish or have plenty of knowledge to share on any fetish-related subject, Fetish Q&A was made for you.


When creating this site, we wondered how we could create a place where people would feel comfortable and safe enough to reveal their most hidden secrets, doubts and desires. The answer was simple – what you need is not a sterile environment where people just post some questions about fetishes, not really expecting a response, go on to the next tab in their browser and forget they even visited.

The heart of this site is its community, the people who bond over their common preferences. It is a community that welcomes everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are just curious about fetishes or have been practicing a fetish for quite some time. Here, you do not only get to find out more about your fetishes, but you can also help others by sharing your own experiences and offering them support and the comfort of knowing there are many others who understand and share their passion.

That is what Fetish Q&A is all about. Sharing ideas and experiences and letting you discover more about fetishes than you ever dreamed you would. Whatever your questions may be, someone will know the answers. Recognize your former doubts in someone’s question? Be the one to clear them up.